Okay cut the table chatter for five seconds and listen up

This is our Obsidian Portal. With it I’ll be able to post all of our characters and NPC’s, update those of you who miss a night on what goes on in the blog, keep you up to speed on our next meeting, and compile all campaign notes and important information in the Wiki. Please make an account (easy with Facebook) and I’ll get you added right away.

Want more out of your character?

Since most of the descriptions of your feats and features on your character sheets are very poor thanks to the character builder, more complete descriptions are posted on your character’s pages.

DM’s suggestion

If you find yourself with some spare time, build your character’s fluff! Whenever you’re lost in thought, determine one defining physical or nonphysical characteristic about your character (hair color, a notable scar, demeanor, etc.) and write it down. Soon enough describing your character will feel less like telling someone about a dream you can barely remember, and more like showing them a picture.

Oh My God, Stop Talking About Unrelated Things and Make Your Move

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