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The portal, the tournament, and the raid
a bit of catching up from March

After burning demons attacked the citizens of Suzail at the reading of Hallomak Strom’s will, the party ventured down into the sewers where they found the source of the demons, a portal guarded by an immense, demonic, hydra-like creature. After shoving the hydra into the portal and closing it, tearing the beast asunder, the party enjoyed their spoils of battle and rested for the coming tournament.

At the tounament, each party participated in one of the various events held. Among which were jousting, physical and magical dueling, and a devious gauntlet of traps. Before the champions of the tournament could be announced, a mighty crash was heard from the mountains to the west as a horde of orcs charged into the forest between them. The party was beseeched by the king to venture with the other tournament fighters to stop the orcs before they could reach Suzail. The party was able to stop the orc leaders at the head of the raiding party, but shortly afterwards, they could hear a deep rumbling and shifting coming from deeper within the woods, and went to investigate.

R.I.P. Hallomak Stromm
never heard of him

While training for the tournament in Suzail, the capital of Cormyr, a member of the Purple Dragon Knights, Cormyr’s elite, approached the heroes and informed them that they had been requested to attend the reading of the last will and testament of the scholar and explorer Hallomak Stromm. At the reading of the will the reader was engulfed in flames as a fire demon appeared and burning corpses crawled out of the sewers causing panic in the crowd. Most of the crowd escaped to safety while the heroes dealt with the burning undead.

Catching up on adventure

The party entered the vaults of the abbey where they once more encountered the other adventurers, who were looking for a fight this time. After being slain, the party took their cards of the deck and pressed further into the vaults.

Next the adventurer’s came upon a banquet hall covered in blood. After attempting to parlay with a demonic gnoll-minotaur hybrid, who seemed more interested in getting the party to eat the food than talk, Kalissa recognized the apples as an illusion and Grognar flipped the table, engaging the oni and the surrounding beasts in battle.

A pile of rubbish blocked a set of enormous double doors was cleared away and the party found none other than a mighty dragon behind them, the dragon found fiercely, but it was cornered and cut down by our valiant heroes. In the dragon’s hoard was the Chalice of the Dragon, the final vessel sought by Sir Oakley, who has asked that at their earliest convenience, the group should return to the temple so Oakley can fulfill his duty of cleansing the temple of evil.

Vadin Cartwright's Final Fight

The party entered the great hall of the catacombs where they found the master of the catacomb’s undead hordes, Vadin Cartwright, whose aura of evil and look of madness struck the party members by surprise. Vadin, his basilisk, and several vampires were slain in the ensuing battle, Vadin falling to the ground in a burning heap. The party took his magical mace and his three cards of the Deck of Many Things.

Kriv examined the basin set in the altar on the right wall of the chamber, where upon touching the crystalline fluid inside, it leapt onto Kriv’s left arm and infected him with the Abyssal Plague, covering his arm in oozing sores and crystal growths. Kriv cast the ritual of cure disease on himself to remove the affliction. Afterwards, Kriv found a bag nearby containing 850 pieces of gold and a shining silver longsword, which was given to Korhedron.vg89

Return to the Catacombs

Your party woke in Berrian Velfarren’s camp feeling rested and decided to return to the dragon’s roost in an attempt to clear out the catacombs once and for all. Upon entry you were promptly greeted by a pair of flameskulls and a skeleton the size of an ogre. Fighting valiantly and effectively, you vanquished your foes and continued through the catacombs until you pulled back a curtain made of dragon’s scales…


The party entered the memorial chamber, where statues commemorating the four campaigns of the paladins of gardmore Abbey stand proud. After a brutal fight, your party cleansed the corruption in two rooms of the catacombs.

Feeling drained, your party returned to Berrian Velfarren’s camp to rest and give him “The Southern Artifact”. He has suggested that you learn more about the force of chaos the paladin brought back from one of their campaigns, and that you might find answers in “the heart of the knights’ power”

The next time you want to take an extended rest, you will need to return to Winterhaven.

Descent into the Catacombs
  • Your party descended the staircase in the temple at the top of Gardmore Abbey, known as the Dragon’s Roost. Inside you were greeted by the five adventurers that you’ve met throughout the Abbey, but they fled before you could engage them.
  • Heading northward, your group encountered a group of skeletons that fell to your blades quickly.
  • Your party found a secret door heading to a room occupied by a few skeletal corpses. This room is hard for enemies to spot, as it is guarded by its secret doors.

*You returned to the entrance of the catacombs and headed east

The Story So Far

The party saved a town from a dragon and it’s kobold minions
The party silenced a haunted mansion, and tied a poor unfortunate soul to a bell
Beyrne Bloodred died in the Bloodstone Caverns
Gitlock Lockbreaker stole the party’s gold, but the party recovered it

The party found a card which transported them to the town of Winterhaven, where they learned the city’s plight from Lord Ernest Padraig and went to Gardmore Abbey.

The group fought and killed Bakrosh, the orc boss in Gardmore Abbey
The group found the brazier of silver fire for Sir Oakley. He still seeks a sacred chalice and bowl
The group killed the beholder in the tower, removing the Far Realm influence for Berrian Velfarren and his sister Analastra.

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