Oh My God, Stop Talking About Unrelated Things and Make Your Move

Vadin Cartwright's Final Fight

The party entered the great hall of the catacombs where they found the master of the catacomb’s undead hordes, Vadin Cartwright, whose aura of evil and look of madness struck the party members by surprise. Vadin, his basilisk, and several vampires were slain in the ensuing battle, Vadin falling to the ground in a burning heap. The party took his magical mace and his three cards of the Deck of Many Things.

Kriv examined the basin set in the altar on the right wall of the chamber, where upon touching the crystalline fluid inside, it leapt onto Kriv’s left arm and infected him with the Abyssal Plague, covering his arm in oozing sores and crystal growths. Kriv cast the ritual of cure disease on himself to remove the affliction. Afterwards, Kriv found a bag nearby containing 850 pieces of gold and a shining silver longsword, which was given to Korhedron.vg89



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