Oh My God, Stop Talking About Unrelated Things and Make Your Move

The Story So Far


The party saved a town from a dragon and it’s kobold minions
The party silenced a haunted mansion, and tied a poor unfortunate soul to a bell
Beyrne Bloodred died in the Bloodstone Caverns
Gitlock Lockbreaker stole the party’s gold, but the party recovered it

The party found a card which transported them to the town of Winterhaven, where they learned the city’s plight from Lord Ernest Padraig and went to Gardmore Abbey.

The group fought and killed Bakrosh, the orc boss in Gardmore Abbey
The group found the brazier of silver fire for Sir Oakley. He still seeks a sacred chalice and bowl
The group killed the beholder in the tower, removing the Far Realm influence for Berrian Velfarren and his sister Analastra.



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