Oh My God, Stop Talking About Unrelated Things and Make Your Move

The portal, the tournament, and the raid

a bit of catching up from March

After burning demons attacked the citizens of Suzail at the reading of Hallomak Strom’s will, the party ventured down into the sewers where they found the source of the demons, a portal guarded by an immense, demonic, hydra-like creature. After shoving the hydra into the portal and closing it, tearing the beast asunder, the party enjoyed their spoils of battle and rested for the coming tournament.

At the tounament, each party participated in one of the various events held. Among which were jousting, physical and magical dueling, and a devious gauntlet of traps. Before the champions of the tournament could be announced, a mighty crash was heard from the mountains to the west as a horde of orcs charged into the forest between them. The party was beseeched by the king to venture with the other tournament fighters to stop the orcs before they could reach Suzail. The party was able to stop the orc leaders at the head of the raiding party, but shortly afterwards, they could hear a deep rumbling and shifting coming from deeper within the woods, and went to investigate.



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