Oh My God, Stop Talking About Unrelated Things and Make Your Move

Catching up on adventure

The party entered the vaults of the abbey where they once more encountered the other adventurers, who were looking for a fight this time. After being slain, the party took their cards of the deck and pressed further into the vaults.

Next the adventurer’s came upon a banquet hall covered in blood. After attempting to parlay with a demonic gnoll-minotaur hybrid, who seemed more interested in getting the party to eat the food than talk, Kalissa recognized the apples as an illusion and Grognar flipped the table, engaging the oni and the surrounding beasts in battle.

A pile of rubbish blocked a set of enormous double doors was cleared away and the party found none other than a mighty dragon behind them, the dragon found fiercely, but it was cornered and cut down by our valiant heroes. In the dragon’s hoard was the Chalice of the Dragon, the final vessel sought by Sir Oakley, who has asked that at their earliest convenience, the group should return to the temple so Oakley can fulfill his duty of cleansing the temple of evil.



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